Aether has many mysterious effects and appearances


A glowing blueish green substance found throughout the multi-verse in varrying states ranging from the more common gaseous from; often collected by ships to be used as source of energy, to the extemely volitile solid crystal form, which can easily be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Aether is stored in a luqid state in the reserve tanks of many airships and converted back into gaseous form to be used for energy suplementation.Converting aether from one form to another involves applying varrying ammount of heat and pressure in the correct mixtures. Aether's fifth and final state of existance is not known to occour in the natural world outside of the Aether stream, Plazma Aether allows for breaches to be created in the walls of the multiverse which provide access to aether stream travel to alternate universes along the current axis of direction.
Much as there can be different laws of physics governing the varying worlds and universes, some areas of the multiverse have created entirely unique forms of aether that do not fit any of the previous states of existence.


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