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Amelia "Coppertop" Reinier

Ship: Airship Horizons

Title: Captain

Age: Changes every year.

Race: Human

Homeworld: Aether Skies

Hometown: Well this is hard one given the circumstances of our world. Simply put, I was raised on my mother's privately own Airship, which later I inherited.

Date of Birth: February 2nd


I was raised on Airship Horizons with my brother, sister, and my mother. My father was a Copperbolt Citizen, a business owner in the Airhsip Mechanics field. He was unkind and abusive. When I was young, my father was exiled to an Outer Rock for crimes he had committed, which left all his posessions and his business to my mother. We managed to survive without him and we were better off. His exile freed us from his tyranny, though he's still floating around Aether Skies. Both my brother, sister, and I are copperbolt citizens thanks to the hard work and servitude of our mother. My brother is now an Airship Mechanic on a smaller Inner Rock, and my sister is a Copperbolt business woman who deals with Barrens on a regular basis. Unlike my sibblings, I am far more like my mother... free spirited. I inhereted the Airship Horizons when my mother retired. I met my hubsand Thomas on Copperbolt, a non-citizen. Insted of working for citizenship, we fled Copperbolt to be together. Over the years, as a child and an adult, we've had a tradition of taking on passengers who needed a place to survive. We're not a colonial Airship, but we've often opened our ship as a home to others. We live happily and we survive just fine.