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Arron von Blackwolf

Lone Star International Aerodrome

Title: Sky Commodore

Age: 37

Race: Human we think?

Homeworld: Genesis

Hometown: Quimby VA

Date of Birth: October 1847


The Commodore is not a man to stand on rank. He feels what makes man is what he does and how he treats others, not the medals on his chest. He tends to be kind in nature but will not think twice about killing someone trying to hurt someone he feels should be protected. He is very protective of people, especially children.


Grew up on the eastern shore of VA, he and his father joined the Union Army at age 14 as blacksmiths. He met a man name Fred Zeppelin. Over time they perfected the zeppelin design and with the help of a few friends designed the aerodrome he captains.


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