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Ship name - Dirigible 13 "Cloud Hopper"

Officially formed - December 13, 2011

Affiliation - SCARS (as of January 13, 2011)/42nd Airship Battalion/Steampunk Empire

Vessel classification -

Vessel type - Dirigible Airship

World of origin -

Current CrewEdit

  • Captain Cozmo Osric Galloway
  • First Mate Merriweather Gueneviere Galloway
  • Chief Security Officer Maximus Maximilian


Dirigible 13 is captained by Cozmo Osric Galloway. It was widely reported that the small airship was a gift to Captain Galloway for his dedicated military service. Later it was discovered that the dirigible could not be sold or gifted to anyone else due to wide-spread triskaidekaphobia. Not daunted by superstition, Captain Galloway took command of Dirigible 13 and affectionately nicknamed it Cloud Hopper. Only a short time after he acquired his airship, Captain Galloway married his love, Merriweather Gueneviere and the two took to the skies. Dirigible 13’s small crew is fond of exploring arid regions that are out of reach to a nautical vessel. The dirigible is outfitted with ample outer decking for enjoying fine tobacco or simply listening to the wind gently whip the outer hull.

Crew BioEdit

Cozmo Osric Galloway –Captain C.O.G. traces his roots to Galicia, Spain. Not much is known about Cozmo’s past. Many suspect that he is either much older than he says or a time traveler due to his extensive knowledge of ancient Egypt, Celtic lore, Maori tattooing techniques and Bushwhacking, among other things.

Merriweather Gueneviere Galloway –Merriweather Gueneviere, née D’Arras, is from a small town in northern France that bears her family name. Not willing to succumb to an arranged marriage, at 19 years old she fled to the nearest aeroport where she found Cozmo captaining Dirigible 13. The two have been flying together ever since.

Maximus Maximilian – “Max” is the Chief Security Officer and has little to say. Only shows excitement at the mention of cheese. Often courted by other airships, Maximus is fiercely loyal to the Galloways.