thumb|400px|right|The Order has made use of this anthem to intimidate the Renegades, It has much the opposite effectEl Degüello is a bugle call used by the Mexican Army in the 19th Century. It's sounding is a signal to both armies that no quarter will be given. Adapted into a long a mournful trumpet solo by army musicians it was played repeatively at the Siege of the Alamo in 1836.

The Use of the Song in the War of WorldsEdit

The Order discovered the music to this song in the A-Sphere Reality Falcon. All Texans and Mexicans had died out from a plague in that timeline and so no natives could relay the impotance of the piece and why it was preserved in muesem storage. Poorly gathered intelligence from the Renegade Reality known as Great Texas told Order Researchers that the melody had a tendency to make Texans meloncholy and saddened as it reffered to a "great military tragedy".

Upon Invading Great Texas the Order fleets broadcast the song on loudspeaker and jammed all signal transmissions with it's ever looping melody. The hope was to demoralize the Texans into submission. It was a complete failure. All across Great Texas even peoples of foriegn lands took the song to be a warning of things to come and rallied to the cause. Instead of waiting the determined Texans and their allies attacked from their defensive positions and much of the invasion force was lost in initial action. The invasion of Great Texas continues but the Order has ordered the playing of the melody silenced as it apparently fills the defenders with resolve and rage. Across the Multiverse buglers have found the sheet music and are learning the song in Resistance camps as a reminder to their troops what they face against the Order .