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Elaine Lovette Crossfyre

Ship: Airship 67

Title: Historian


Race: Human

Homeworld: Aperture Reality

Hometown: Thatcham in Burkshire, England

Date of Birth: 1895



Elaine Lovette Crossfyre, was Born in the city of Thatcham in Burkshire, England during the late 1800s. As a child she was placed in a high performing school to study weaponry. But at the age of 11 She was taken from her home, and school and placed in a small town in the Louisiana territory of the US, And was trained as a spy assassin. Thus As a 15 year old captivated in a life of which she despised, She fled from the prison. When word got out that she had escaped, the government sent her own team to retrieve her. In her attempt to escape she found a machine which threw her nearly 100 years into the future, insuring her safety.

Living in a time unknown to her, She discovered a village in which had been formed when the Louisiana territory split in two, and now found her self in Mississippi. She got around by doing odd jobs for anyone who would pay her. but got mixed up in spy activity and was violently chased out of the village. Days after she escaped she spotted an old air ship landing near by. There she met the Airship 67 crew and they welcomed her aboard as their official Historian.