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Elizabeth McCallum

Ship: Airship Isabella

Title: Drop Medic

Age: 25

Race: just plain ol’ human

Homeworld: Xion

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Date of Birth: 1908?


Standoffish and quiet to those she’s unfamiliar with. She can be rough and crass with her friends. She is very protective of her crew. She retains many of her prior military habits. She can be twitchy in crowds. She can act twice her size and often forgets she’s small. She will not ask for help and she sees emotions as a sign of weakness. She hates bull shit. She likes practicality. She can be an ass when giving her honest opinion but tries to refrain from doing so. She takes orders well and enjoys good leadership. She has a lot of respect for people who have a sense of honor but has a hard time showing respect to someone who hasn’t earned it. She tends to be very masculine and feels awkward when put in a position that requires her to be lady-like. She loves a good fire fight and is a bit of an adrenaline junkie.


Elizabeth was born to a middle class family. When the Great War broke out her father went to fight and her mother went to work in a factory to aid the war effort. Elizabeth went to live with her uncle at an all boys military academy in the mean time. Shortly after, her mother’s factory was bombed her uncle became her guardian. Though he loved Elizabeth, he did not go easy on her because she was a girl. She enrolled in the academy and grew up there. After graduating, she joined the 1st American Volunteer Group, Air Corps division (the flying tigers) as a drop medic. Her squadron was sent to the pacific. There she stayed doing her duty until she discovered her commander was selling the 1st AVG’s services to the wealthy. Her commander organized a mission with the intent to run American forces away from Axis forces. Elizabeth convinced her squadron to disobey his orders and meet the enemy head-on. The 1st AVG was outnumbered severely and the Squadron was decimated. Elizabeth was labeled a traitor and so she went AWOL to get more evidence of treason for her commander. When on her way to Chicago to meet an informant, she saw a large dog fight in the sky involving the Airship Isabella. When the Isabella crashed, Elizabeth investigated the site for patients. The Isabella, quick to leave Xion kept Elizabeth aboard but appreciated her skills as a medic enough not to throw her to the aether.


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