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Lucian Menkent

Ship: Volantis

Title: Chief Engineer

Age: 34

Race: ???



Date of Birth: 10/17/1867


Lucian usually keeps to himself, speaking mostly when spoken too or unless something needs to be said about a situation. Though his character seems a bit cold and callous at first, once he warms up to someone he tends to be quite witty and reliable, regardless of how much he might complain about it. He also likes to stay busy. If you were to see him, he would either be working on something or scribbling ideas on his journal.

For the most part though, he is a bit of a skeptic, not ready to trust just anyone anymore as he has had experiences with ‘friends’ turning on him due to his criminal record. You really have to earn his trust but once you do, you will undoubtedly gain a loyal ally.


  • Strengths : If it’s broken, he can fix it. If it’s broken beyond repair, he can probably duplicate it and make it better as long as he has the resources to do so. Also, having been on the run for years, he can adapt to most situations fairly quickly. This, along with his previous experience in being a factory worker, has kept him in good physical condition.

  • Weaknesses : Despite his intelligence Lucian is mostly illiterate, save being able to read some simple sentences, and some words.

  • Abilities : As a master engineer, there is almost nothing that Lucian can’t fix. As long as he has the tools and materials available to him, he can most likely figure it out to dismantle or repair it.