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Luthiem Hargreaves

Ship: Airship Neo Dulcimer

Title: Assassin

Age: 22

Race: Human/Clockwork Vampire

Homeworld: Avion

Hometown: Ahsande`

Date of Birth: 7th Age, Year 1794, May 8


Chaotic and Independent. Laws haVe never been much of an appeal for this young woman who survives by her own rules. She lends trust to little to no one; but to the select few she does, she stays loyal to the end (unless in case of betrayal). Moral is something relative for Luthiem. Sometimes even stubborn and childish.


The only daughter of scientist Lucian and Araha Hargreaves, Luthiem spent most of her childhood amongst aristocrats, treats of adoration, and the splendorous life of the elites. However this style of life bored her greatly, which led her to fall in love with her father's line work: Machines. Developing a great interest in these mechanical objects and their infinite possibilities and usages, young Hargreaves gained precious skills in their creation and development. But once she was old enough to finally head her father's company, a dark shadow of corruption known as the Order rose, gaining quick control over the mindless crowds forming what would be the Empire of this era. The choice to rise against the Order's will proved lethal for the Hargreaves, leaving just two survivors. And yet, the word survivor cannot truly apply correctly in this case. The almost lifeless state the heiress of the Hargreaves left Lucian to dedicate his last years of energy to granting his daughter one last chance to live. He gave his soul and heart to create a machine able to synchronize with his daughter's body and unite flesh and machine as one.

After the attack and the eventual loss of her elderly father, little has been known of the whereabouts of Luthiem other than between dark alleys and the deep corners of Avion's underworld.


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