Mina Mori

Ship: Airship Nocturne

Title: Natural historian, belly dancer

Age: 25

Race: Human

Homeworld: Earth

Hometown: Not telling

Date of Birth: December 16, 1869


Free-spirited, rebellious, temperamental, adventurous, somewhat bossy (especially towards Joshua F. Edward). Loves nature and music, hates being in one place for too long, fears motorized ground transportation. Tends to wander off on her own and get lost. Doesn't understand some Western social etiquette rules and doesn't really care to learn. Avoids confrontation and fights, but isn't afraid to use her fists and feet when angered. Speaks English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and possibly a couple languages most have never heard of.


Mina Mori was born with another name to a member of a formerly noble Han Chinese family (they lost titles when they decided to join the revolt against Manchurian rule) and an American scientist who was doing research in Asia. She spent her childhood traveling around Asia. When she was 17, she entered Smith College to pursue a degree in biology. Her research focused on fruit flies, but she also spent a summer studying sea spiders at the Marine Biological Laboratory under Thomas Hunt Morgan. As a result, she has an usual fondness for both creatures. This was also when she fabricated the identity of a twin brother named Liam so that she could go over the men's colleges and attend their science meetings.

Realizing that her life belonged outside of the laboratory, Mina quit school to travel the world. After spending a year in Japan, she found herself among a Turkic tribe and met an anthrolopologist/dancer named Andriana, who introduced her to belly dance. Having fallen in love with the enchanting dance form, she continued studying under two other teachers and began performing in America as Mina Mori.

Upon returning to America, she reunited with an old friend who had invited her into his gambling circle. There she met Joshua F. Edward and the two became good friends. Mina's dancing caught the eye of Sol Bloom, who booked her to perform at the World's Columbian Exposition. She had already planned to go to the Chicago, as a journalist covering music at World's Fair. Because dancing was hardly a lucrative profession, she had started to taking on freelance writing assingments using Liam Mori as her penname. It was at the World's Fair that Mina grew even closer to Joshua and joined the crew of the Airship Nocturne. That is where the current chapter in her life begins.