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Mr. Fox

Ship: Airship Isabella

Title: Cook

Age: 23

Race: Human

Homeworld: Genisis

Hometown: St. Louis

Date of Birth: October 26, 1867


Mr. Fox is a clean, upstanding, obsessive compulsive, former airship salesman. Interactions are as you might expect form something familiar like a used car salesman. He does not have a first name, and anyone who would use any said first name should be very careful. Fox likes coffee, tea, and food. And apparently he is a fairly capable cook.


The Fox family, then known by a different name, migrated to the New World where, the now, Mr. Fox was born. Coming from an educated family Mr. Fox was encouraged to explore the worlds of Art and Technology. Becoming proficient in his crafts, even attending University, he became bored with the monotony of his life. Looking for a change Mr. Fox joined the Airship business, selling airships from Bellavue Ship Yards out of St. Louis. While working for the ship yard Fox became a proficient concealed weapons specialist (due in part to the large number of dimensional jumping pirates and mercenaries that frequented Bellavue). Fox also received some cybernetic technology for personal safety from some future clients, they are known as Automatic Neural Defense Elevators. The elevators extend and retract from his feet to provide a means of quick locomotion as well as elevation above toxic spills across the ship yard. One day, whilst he was at work, Capt’n Suzeaux Ryette and her First Mate Lottie Greye visited his air gallery looking for Airship parts after their first jump escaping the Order conflict in her home world before beginning their hunt for the undead (and so on and so forth). Meeting with the Captain and Lottie after their meeting in the ship yards, he sided with the captain and her then sparse crew to take over the job of dealing with clean activities on the Calypso as her top deck first mate. After a long conflict with The Order and the undead they were leaving in their wake, The Calypso crashed into a mountain. In a turn of luck the Airship Isabella happened by, and Fox joined Ryette in an attempted, shall we say, procurement. After boarding the goddess Calypso stripped them of their memories. The Isabella and Neo Dulcimer decided to keep them and with missing memory Fox became the cook for the Isabella.


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