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Generations ago hunting clans were regarded as some of the most respected and revered sects within the multiverse. Hunters understood and respected their kills as bretheren and fallen comrades. These days a man will simply aim his gun and
take whatever trophy he desires.

Over time, the term "Hunter" became synonymous with murderer as many species, big and small were lost to the lust for land, power and riches.

The last true hunting clans of the planet Kryden; O'flynn, Kale, Mephara and Eisley made a pact that crossed borders, nations, and dimensions to preserve the old ways of hunting and to
protect the once proud title of "Hunter".

Thus the Red Feather Hunting Guild was born, each family brought forth something to offer, and each was equal in the eyes of the other.
Members must bare a crimson feather upon their person at all times, representing the glory, power and respect for the animals in which you have brought down.
As an initiation, each prospect must partake in the black elixer known as the "Dragon's Breath", an alchemic mixture that will shorten the life of those who enjoy it's warming effects. This is seen as an offering, a willing sacrifice to the creatures whose lives you will take as a member of the guild.

The current guild master is the last heir to the Airship Archaeopteryx, Capt. Connor Liam O'flynn. The vice captain of the guild is the honorable, Gottrik Vanhouffan; Captain of the pirate vessel, Edelweiss.