Ruin is a Dead World located in the C-Sphere of the Multiverse. It has been mostly annihilated through a long history of nuclear devestation.

Estimated time: 1950's post nuclear


In a future where steam is the only energy source left. A war has decimated most of the earth as we know it. People still try and survive against the odds. Weird poisonous Gasses cloud the air from time to time so a gas mask is required for survival. This world mostly follows the ways of barbaric survivial. Everything that remains of society is destroyed but some things can be salvageable. There are Raiders out there, as well as odd Zombies infected by a coursing virus. There are so many factions in this universe but they are small. The world has resorted back to Tribal instincts and started rebuilding that way. There are odd things like mutations, but it’s less frequent than it would be expected. (The future of this world is visited on accident by means of a time shift differential anomaly. *see Eden *)


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