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Seamus Black

Ship: Airship Isabella

Title: Chief Engineer

Age: 24

Race: Human

Homeworld: Earth of the realm Xion

Hometown: Springfeild, IL

Date of Birth: Between 1904-1908, birthdays were not celebrated in my industry


Seemingly detached, with a very mechanical and industrial, mind numbing upbringing I do not react as quick as others in new situations. I'm not quick to defnd or quick to attack. I have a pleasant demeanor because I'm always quick to laugh and am extremely passionate about reminding everyone how the simple things in life are the most worth protecting. Largely unimpressed with material possessions but enjoys things that make those close to him happy. Very simply stated, has an odd affinity for four function calculations being done in my head. But if you see math problems written in coal all over the engine room it's not from stress or unease about my capabilities but because the numbers in my head indicate a pattern that can often times be more easily deciphered with my eyes. There is a plain english message in every math problem.


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