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Simmons Octavian Ellwood

Title: Tinkerer

Age: 24

Race: Human

Homeworld: Khemia (original world)

Hometown: Cuprull

Date of Birth: 1/24/1988

Earth Location: Maryland


Considers himself a people person, likes to joke around. When he becomes interested in a device or machine he can’t help but want to take it apart and see how it works. Oftentimes he thinks he can “improve” said device, which will lead to the device either working better or exploding. He doesn’t have many dislikes, with the one exception of not being allowed to tinker. He is almost never seen without his teleport device (his first major working invention) and he is very protective of it. One last quirk about him is his uncanny ability to emerge from any explosion his tinkerings cause virtually unscathed.


Simmons’ family is one of the wealthiest in the city of Cuprull (the third largest in the country). From a young age he often enjoyed taking apart machines and seeing how they work. After leaving University he began applying his skills with machines more seriously, having no real desire to enter into any academic field. The first device he attempted to build was a teleport device. During the final stages of tinkering a wire got crossed which caused Simmons, the device, and a few nearby objects to suddenly transport. Unfortunately he did not know about the existence of other dimensions (particularly how they overlap) and would up tens of thousands of feet in the air falling to his death. He was saved when someone aboard a passing airship (the Airship Daedalus) spotted him and ordered the ship to turn about to catch him. After the impact and subsequent blackout/recovery Simmons joined the crew of the Daedalus for a while, the whole time trying to repair his teleporter and return home. One day, he succeeded in repairing it, only for another loose wire to set it off and sent him off into the worlds once more.


After vanishing he dropped off the grid for a while, only to reappear some years later wih his own ship (the second under his command, he doesn't like to talk about what happened to the first), and a crew to man it.  While the Airship Cavalier has remained out of the multiverse war (being so far away from the main fighting), they continue to defend their small collection of worlds against those who would threaten them.