In the war between S.C.A.R.S. and The Order, the Outerworld Contingency acts as a sort of referee, ostensibly making sure both sides conform to agreed rules of engagement. However, their actions towards enforcing those rules seem to betray more of a concern for their own agenda than any anxiety for the factions involved within any given conflict.

They are unwaveringly literal and strict in respect to said rules and laws, so much so that they are not above referring to seemingly miniscule detail of a situation to scrutinize and determine their judgement.

Their overall goal is establishing and maintaining the Great Balance of the Multiverse. Without balance, there is chaos, and with chaos comes the disintegration of reality and existence. They have made it known that any disruption of this balance is subject to the elimination of the responsible party's Reality sector, an action yet to be seen by many though proven true through even The Order's obedience in respect to their governing law.


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