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Thomas Reinier

Ship: Airship Horizons

Title: 1st Officer

Race: Human

Homeworld: Aether Skies

Hometown: Copperbolt (the main Inner Rock)

Date of Birth: September 6th


I was raised on Copperbolt as a lower classed non-citizen with just my mother and my uncle. It was just us and we took whatever jobs we could get. Life was difficult until I met my wife Amelia, also known as "Coppertop". We fell in love and left Copperbolt to be together. We discovered the multiverse together and have been traveling ever since. My mother and uncle are still non-citizens in Copperbolt trying to make ends meet. we send them back provisions when we can but haven't been able to visit since we left. In fact, they were never able to meet my lovely wife face to face due to circumstances. We've been working on a plan to move my family off the Rock, but it may be a few years before we can get them on the ship. Still we manage to get by.