WOJ Sigfile

Ship name - Walls Of Jehrico

Officially formed - Keel laid May 18th 1873

Affiliation – Lost Prophet Fleet (private navy)

Vessel type –Class VI Mega-Dreadnaught Battleship

Walls Of Jehrico Armaments,Weapon Systems and Propulsion/Jump Drives


  • 14 - 16inch Mark X Harmonicly Accelerated Reactive Metal Weaponized Aether (HARMsWAy) Multi Load Turrets
  • 24 - 5inch Mark IV Guns
  • 10 - 3inch Mark III Anti-Airship Guns
  • 28 - 1.1inch (8 mounts of 4 guns each); 2 - signal bridge, 2 - superstructure 4-main decks
  • 10(6 forward, 4 aft) Victor 1 Tesla Torpedo tubes.
  • Various Caliber chain guns and heavy machine rifles


  • 6 Coal fired boilers mated to 2, 4-cylinder triple expansion/dual action reciprocting steam engines. Normal Sea Drive, max speed 30knts.

  • 1 "Jump" drive. Aether active, magnetically sealed drive core for inter-realm world travel. Allows the Jehrico to "jump" between realms without the need for locating aether pools

  • Cross Trans-linear Magnatrans Lift Engine. Designed by the late Charles Cross, his grandson, Admiral Joshua Cross, perfected and built the lift engine and equiped the Jehrico with it. Although Charles felt that his theory on the CTML was flawed, Joshua pressed forward on his grandfathers designed and achieved lift of the Jehrico to a height of 10000 feet. Higher altitudes may be possible.

Weapon SytemEdit


A radical approach to weaponizing sound pressure energy and boosting destructive force through aether injection. Admiral Cross designed and built the first working model in a hand held, double barrel rifle. Equated to the voice or harmonic chord, sound is magentically channeled and aether is injected into the barrel producing an accellerated frequency that turns the projectile molten in flight to its target. Upon impact the kinetic engergy of the sound/projectile is released with the power of a 3kiloton bomb when fired from the 16in turret guns (the rifles kenetic release is close to a half stick of tnt). The cyclic rate of fire is typically 1 round per 8minutes. The system does allow for non harmonically charge rounds to be fired in between salvos. Extended use of the system has shown to drain the Aether and CTML systems, causing the Jehrico the need to build additional steam pressure to maintain CTML engine use if firing in flight, and also to recharge existing aether reserves onboard before use of the jump engine.


Jehricos armoring is still a highly guarded secret. Although damage heavily in her last engagement, she remained afloat and continued firing. This may be attributed to her armoring, or to what Charles called the artifact, which Joshua was instructed never to remove from the ship. What the artifact is, only Joshua knows now since the passing of his grandfather. Rumors say it is a portion of the actual wall from the city of Jehrico. Others say it is the Prophet Joshua's horn that was used to destroy the walls. In either case, how Charles Cross aquired either of these relics , if true is unknown.