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Wilhelm Ferdinand Centauri-Feldpausch von Prussia

Ship: Volantis

Title: Chief Tactical Officer

Age: 25

Race: Human


Hometown: Brandenburg, Prussia

Date of Birth: July 1st, 1885


Solitude, calm, intelligent, dry humor, secretive, caring, Paragon, charming


Wilhelm was born in the Heart of the Prussian Empire. He joined the military and eventually was inducted in the elite espionage team codename: “Storm Troopers”, predecessors to the Brandenburg Regime. After advancing to the ranks of Lieutenant of the Prussian Army, his life becomes a bit more private for a few years. Then, he and his team was sent on a covert mission to cross enemy lines over to Russia to Sabotage vital logistics and to capture the Czar. This plan was a ploy by The Order to lure him away from the kingdom and replace the King with an Imposter. After the failed mission, he and a handful of others were the only survivors of the Experimental Storm Troopers: Adolf Hitler, Gareth Franz, Rupert Hamburg, and Himself. Together, they broke into their own Treasury and stole vital war machines to keep them out of the wrong hands. Some years later, Wilhelm is a Bounty Hunter in Arabia, he is contacted by The Griffin Mortuus in disguise. Wilhelm is paid handsomely to locate and capture the Celestial Rogues, when he finds them, he then realizes that he was working for the wrong group, and that the Griffin Mortuus and the Order were allied. He joins the Celestial Rogues as a means to keep running away from his enemies until he can reclaim his fatherland under a new country, Germany.