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Zilpher Mercurius Drax

Ship: Airship Isabella and Neo Dulcimer - Consorting, collaborating, and conspiring with various ships of the fleet

Title: Cloaked Operative for The Illustrious Consortium (Plant within the musical act Marquis of Vaudeville)

Age: Unknown

Race: Human

Homeworld: Earthworld

Hometown: Vaudéville, Lorraine, France

Date of Birth: Unknown


Stoic/An Enigma


From the shadowy underworld resting wearily upon crooked cobblestones, to the deep, scarcely lit understreets, there skulks a great menacing order that plagues and permeates society by threatening the imagination, freedoms, independent spirit, and individuality of all those throughout the expanse of our world. Unbeknownst to most living out their daily lives, an epic struggle ensues about them in secret; a resistance against the oppressive and underhanded deeds of The Watching Eye.

Sauntering through smoke filled nightclubs and dark cabarets, slipping slyly through the mystique and mystery, Zil Drax makes his way to the stage, a forum for rebellious words, a front for his role in the resistance, or is it? An enigmatic connoisseur of the esoteric, and a resolute ringleader of the musical menagerie Marquis of Vaudeville, he is the voice to ring out through the labyrinthine alleyways and echo in alcoves deep and dark, leading the lost, heartening the forgotten, this is his world, of poisoned absinthe, of cloak & dagger and lock & key; An illusory world tangled amid a web of intrigue, yet he knows his role well, for messages come more profoundly and persuasively when woven secretly within the melodies of music.

An agent of various aliases and nom de plumes, the unsuspecting masses know this elusive phantom as his cover/codename within the musical act Marquis of Vaudeville. However, the revolution knows him as Drax. Within the righteous Movement, he works closely with dear comrades, brothers and sisters of the airships Isabella and Neo Dulcimer to wreak havoc upon the Watching Eye, otherwise known as the utterly wicked and disgustingly vile Order.


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